“He who treats the site of pain is lost” and “more tragically so is their patient!” - Karl Lewit

Meet The Team

Luke Khoury
Director & Sports Chiropractor
B.Sc (Ex.Sc) | M.Chiro | Full Body Certified ART Provider | Advanced SFMA Provider | Level 2 FMS provider | Dry Needling
Catherine Blacke
Sports Chiropractor
Adam Parrelli
Sports Chiropractor
Kate Johnston
Nutritionist & Naturopath
Anthony Kaleel
Senior Massage Therapist
Georgette Stephens
Senior Massage Therapist
Jennifer Howard
Massage Therapist
BSc(Hons) Medical Biochemisty | Dip Remedial Massage | Spine certified ART provider | Dry Needling
Kieran Costigan
Practice Manager

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